Company offers corporate 

catering to employees



Decision for Fuel service: A. Fridge or B. Cubert



Employees have access to Fuel food items



How it Works



About Our Food


> We make all our food items from scratch with our recipes

> We source locally where possible 

> We listen to our consumers and constantly improve our offerings

> We actively work on reducing food waste by upcycling ingredients*

Fuel Fridge


Protein Shakes

Protein Bars

& Snacks

Fuel Cubert 


Fitness Breakfast

& Lunch

Protein Shakes

Protein Bars

& Snacks

Coming soon!

Want to bring Fuel into your office?


Our Shakes


We take pride in the quality of our products. All shakes are made from wholesome ingredients without added artificial components. They provide a comprehensive nutritional profile with strong emphasis on quality protein.

They taste fantastic while not being overly sweet and new shakes are introduced on a regular basis. 


Contribute to physical health

Increase productivity and focus

Long-lasting satisfaction

Exciting flavors that change over time

Upcycling of ingredients*

PB Chocolate

Protein Shake

> Very high in protein

> Easy and fast digestible

> Chocolate indulgence


Perfect post-

workout snack

Strawberry Banana 

Meal Shake

> Lasting energy

> High in fiber

> Satiation effect


Working lunch


Coconut Vanilla Pineapple

Protein Shake

> High in protein

> Decent satiation effect

> Pina-Colada feeling


Perfect post-

workout snack

Coffee Mocha

Energy Shake

> Low in carbs

> 75mg natural caffeine

Freshly made cold brew


Early morning


All Details about our Shakes



Good for You



Good for Everyone



> Blended fresh daily (no preservatives needed)

> High protein, no added sugars, mostly organic

> Whey Protein: complete protein, high bio availability, easy digestible, highly soluble

> Natural fructose from fruit, little blood sugar effect

> Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber

> High quality fats from almond milk (moderate amount)

> Decent satiation effect (less “snacking” during the day)

> Contribution to public health

> Less plastics: delivered in re-usable glass bottle

> Locally sourced ingredients

Reduction of food waste by upcycling*

*We source our whey protein from Rumiano, who produce it as a natural by-product to their organic cheese production.

More flavors coming soon!

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