Corporate Catering meets Fitness Food


Our food, our recipes 

Food designed by athletes. Ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced.

Daily delivery

We bring different food, snacks and shakes to your office, every day.

24/7 availability

No fixed lunchbreaks,

employees can take food any time of the day.

Eat, work(out), repeat

Enjoy the convenience of fresh food that fuels your performance – on and off the desk.

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Our Mission


We think corporate catering is great – but it is also due for an update. Offering just any food to employees creates an environment of unhealthy snacking and increased calorie consumption.


Together with nutrition experts and athletes we developed a variety of foods, shakes and snacks that are tailored for fitness and wellbeing. 


Our Expertise


We know our business: Fitness enthusiasts who work busy jobs don’t always have time for meal prep – No worries, we have your back with clean but tasty food!


Focus on high quality proteins

Complex carbohydrates for lasting energy

Moderate amount of fat, mostly from plants

No added sugar, light on sodium, no additives


Find our why fitness food matters!


Our Offering


Whether as a stand-alone solution or in addition to your current corporate catering - we've got you covered with a range of options to choose from. 


Protein Shakes

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Lunch & Breakfast

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Healthy Snacks

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